Friday, 26 April 2013

Wenger In, Wenger Out, Doing The Wenger Hokey Cokey

This week our charming host is Lord Gimli Of Wales (@goonergimli) and he is joined by :
G.C (@shewore) from
Geoff (‏@GeoffArsenal) from his office (not sure if it has a sofa)
Danny (@The_GFP) & (@TheHighburyInn) from
Plus a very special ex Arsenal Premier League player with over 100 appearances for Arsenal & who played for Arsenal during the George Graham glory years. Who could it be?

Its all about Mr Arsen Wenger this week. But before we get onto Mr Wenger we had a very special guest join us for the first 25 minuets, he played for Arsenal over 100 times and has some funny stories to tell us about his time at Arsenal and talks about our beloved club as it is today as he is a fellow Gooner, we then spend ages debating 'Wenger In' from Geoff or 'Wenger Out' with G.C whilst Danny backs up both sides of the debate and Lord Gimli tries to keep things civil and on track. Its a long one but is a good one. (Contains Strong Language)

Saturday, 20 April 2013

I Dont Want To Sound Like A Poofter But Green Bannana Or Yellow

This week our glamorous host is Lord Gimli Of Wales (@goonergimli) and he is joined by :
Steve 'The Boss' (@StevesBaldCo) from
Owen (@OohToBeAOwen) from Cannon Cast
Neil (‏@NeilPayne) from a bookies
Danny (@The_GFP) from

The Boss Steve is back again along with two new guests in Owen who everyone should be following on twitter and Neil who is an old school gooner. In this episode we talk about the Norwich game, Giroud and the grief he gets on twitter then Danny defends Girouds goal scoring record with stats, then we talk about the rest of the season's run in and the issues with Podolski followed by predictions for the Fulham game and finally discus when its best to eat a banana! (Contains Strong Language)

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Woolwich Arsenal, Lets Learn Some History

For todays special G.C (@shewore) from is in the hot seat with :
Andy (@Gooner_AK) from
Mark (@RoyalArsenalMRA) from
Danny (@The_GFP) from

Andy Kelly & Mark Andrews have co-written (With Tony Attwood) the superb Arsenal book "Woolwich Arsenal FC : 1893-1915 The Club That Changed Football".

The book goes into detail on what really happened back then as they have started their research from scratch rather than just rely on information from older books and some of the things they have discovered will leave you wanting more and hopefully eager to buy their book as all true Arsenal fans could do with reading their book (and their other books) to get a better understanding of why Arsenal moved, the real reasons why Arsenal were elected back into 'Division 1' at Tottenham's expense at the end of 1914/15 and much much more.

Their books are available here :
"Woolwich Arsenal FC : 1893-1915 The Club That Changed Football" -
"The Crowd at Woolwich Arsenal" -
"Making the Arsenal" -

Also A Cultured Left Foot's 'Yogi's Warrior' is carrying reviews on the series of books -

Friday, 12 April 2013

Time To Stuff Some Canaries

This week our glorious host Lord Gimli Of Wales (@goonergimli) is joined by :
Steve 'The Boss' (@StevesBaldCo) from
G.C (@shewore) from
Michael (@youaremyarsenal) from
Fonky Chris (@fonkychris) from
Danny (@The_GFP) from

The latest podcast is a mix of many subjects from the West Brom game and Tomas Rosicky's goals to the wages that some of our players are on, followed by a smattering of twitter question then some talk of our rumoured summer transfer shopping trip to Germany plus talk of Arsenal legends then we all have a guess at how many we will spank the Canaries by on Saturday. (Contains Strong Language)

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Get Your Slippers On ... The Boss Is Back

This week our glorious host Lord Gimli Of Wales (@goonergimli) is joined by :
Steve 'The Boss' (@StevesBaldCo) from
Geoff (‏@GeoffArsenal) from his office (not sure if it has a sofa)
John (‏@VENGooner) from
Danny (@The_GFP) from

Today were are delighted to hear our boss Steve back as a guest as we discuss the Reading game, Gervinho, possible defensive midfielder options, the rumored Cesc return, the truth behind the Mata transfer, possible summer deals and why we support The Arsenal through thick but mostly thin with Gimli guiding us with his tiny hands, Geoff being wise and debutant John trying to get a word in edgewise plus the ladies favorite Danny reminding Gimli to say BANANA! (Contains Strong Language)